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Photographer, author and world traveller

Met by the intensity of Marianne's sharp eyes, she speaks. "You must hurry! I'm not sure how much longer I'll be around." Marianne is eager to get started and has brought out piles of books and photographs all stacked around the room and on her bed. Marianne gazes at me for quite some time and says, "To live is an adventure. The importance is to not go around dreaming about things, loosing the present moment. If you are here and always dreaming of being somewhere else, you loose that time... I'm an antagonist of yearning and dreams."

Marianne lives simply, with few possessions and little security. Marianne stands in the midst of sunlight in her tiny rooftop apartment. The windows are open and a soft breeze finds it's way in. "I live here with the wind. It comes in and then it continues on it's way again. It's like living outside. I want to live on the ocean, but I can't. That's all over now", Marianne looks at the glittering blue Mediterranean. Soon she will be 90 years old. After a lifetime of travelling she finally has landed here in Antibes, in the south of France. Marianne talks about her adventures and precious meetings with people of all walks of life. How freedom has always been important, but it surely claims a high price. "You can't have everything You always have to pay one thing with another. Like family I don't think I was a good mother.
I don't regret anything. It's no use. Life is nothing we rehearse until we do it perfectly. We do the best we can, I suppose.

The antagonist of dreaming is a film built on conversations with Marianne in her last year.
We travel with her near and far in her stories, taking part of her several autobiographical books and some 35 000 pictures. I don't just photograph the person in front of me.
I photograph my own experience as well. This is then shared with someone who hopefully feels something from this moment. That's what it's all about. Nothing else. Several decades Marianne lived with indigenous people on the American continents as well as on Papua New Guinea and in parts of Asia. Through Marianne we meet cultures, which today are close to extinction. We join her on a five years sailing trip. We travel with Marianne in the early 60s to Antibes, where she becomes close friends with Picasso, Taube and many others.

This meeting with Marianne is filled with humour and provocative thoughts. Come along with a brave and wilful person, who makes her own way around the world in a time when single women scarcely travel.

Directors Titti Johnson & Helgi Felixson
Producer Helgi Felixson
Co-producers: SVT - MERKUR FILM - RUV - DR - YLE
Production Felix Film AB
Shootingformat DVCam
Sreeningformat: DIGIBETA
Length 1x52 min